1. The Authority of Scripture

We believe in the absolute authority of the Holy Bible. The Bible is God’s Word. It is God’s revelation to mankind, inspired by the Holy Spirit and written by the prophets and apostles in Law and Gospel. The Bible and the Bible alone is the only and final authority in all matters of our faith and life.


2. The Lord Jesus Christ

We believe and confess our faith in One God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We trust and believe in Jesus Christ, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary, the incarnate Second Person of the Trinity, without sin, as the only Savior and Lord.


3. The Gospel of Salvation

We believe and confess that all human beings are sinners. We believe that salvation is a work of God alone who justifies sinful human beings by His grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone—faith is a gift of God that He sovereignly bestows through the message of the Gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit. As ambassadors for Christ, God uses us as His instruments to speak His Word and to build His kingdom.


4. A Common Confession of Faith

We accept and uphold that the historic Lutheran Confessions (documents written by Martin Luther and other reformers of the church in the 16th Century) reliably guide us as faithful interpretations of the Holy Scriptures, and that we share a unity and fellowship in faith with others among whom the Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached and the sacraments are rightly administered in accordance with the Gospel.


5. The Priesthood of All Believers

We believe and confess that the Holy Spirit makes all who believe in Jesus Christ to be priests for service to others and that God desires to make use of the spiritual gifts He has given through the priesthood of all believers.


6. Marriage and Family

We believe and confess that the marriage of male and female is an institution created and blessed by Almighty God and Him alone. We believe that God has created us male and female for His glory and for our good. From marriage, God forms families to serve as the building blocks of all human civilizations and communities. We teach and practice that sexual activity belongs exclusively within the Biblical boundaries of a faithful marriage between one man and one woman.


7. The Mission and Ministry of the Congregation

We believe and confess that the church is the assembly of believers called and gathered by God around His Word and Sacraments (Baptism and the Lord’s Supper), and that the mission and ministry of the church is carried out within the context of individual congregations, which are able to work together locally and globally to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ!



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