Lutheran worship involves the people. At Holy Trinity you won’t be sitting back watching something take place before you, you will be an active participant in the service. This active participation is a part of the nature Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Churchof liturgical worship. (Liturgical and liturgy are words that come from a Greek word that means “work of the people”). Liturgy is the work we do in worship.


All churches use a “liturgy” of some kind. Every church has a set pattern for worship that is followed regularly by its members. At Holy Trinity, we use an ancient pattern of liturgy that draws us into another time and place. Here at Holy Trinity you will step out of your everyday life and encounter the divine through words and music that draw you in and lift you towards God.


But don’t worry if the liturgy we use is unfamiliar to you at first. Sometimes it will take a few Sundays to get it down. But the real wisdom of the liturgy is that the majority of it is based on scripture. So when you attend and participate you will be memorizing scripture, and in this way you will take the Word of God with you throughout your week.


The basic pattern of our worship is:


    Gathering - We confess our need for God’s forgiveness, and sing words of praise and thanksgiving.

    Word - We hear the words of scripture; we listen for the word present in preaching, and offer prayer.

    Meal - We share in bread and wine—the Body and Blood of Christ—as he commanded us to do.

    Sending - We are sent out to continue our worship of God in the world through acts of service and love.


On some Sundays and other weekdays, special worship services are held. These include weekly worship during the weeks of Lent and Advent, Christmas Eve services, and Easter Morning Sunrise Worship. Look for more information on our News page.


For a sample of our worship, click here.

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